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Figuring out a feasible game plan to help kick start a healthy workout will help create the results that’ll carry you into the rest of the year.  A fundamental concept to keep in mind is allowing the body to recover.  Pilates is the perfect way to do so! Our friends at Club Pilates Alden Bridge are here to tell us more.

When starting out each Pilates practice, movement of the spine is a great approach to warming up.  After a break from regular workouts, certain muscles get overused and the underused muscles are neglected.  These preliminary motions for these muscle groups allow for a further range of motion during more strenuous and challenging variations without causing injury.  They also help each individual identify where the body is tight, if there are any areas of aches or pain, and if body awareness is off.

Pilates promotes more efficient motion for better results.

One of the major concentrations of Pilates is balance with the support of good stability.  Without incorporating these fundamentals, injuries are right around the corner.  In order to get the “strength and tone” that is ultimately desired, exercises, stretches, and everyday motions need to be done with the correct muscles versus compensation.  When the body is more balanced, work is easier and goals are obtained quicker.  Strengthening deeper muscles improves posture and creates a more efficient workout.

There are many people suffering from injuries, conditions, or reasons that make moving difficult.

Pilates caters to these needs and allows a person to work out without creating further stress to imbalances.  Allowing everyone to customize their workout to their own level and desired goals is simply what Pilates does.  Isn’t supplying an atmosphere where gaining strength and length all while relieving unwarranted joint pain each person’s ultimate goal?

Allowing ourselves ample time to recover from athletic exertion will have your body thanking you.  Choosing a form of fitness that concentrates on acquiring results without large amounts of stress on the joints is imperative.  Lying supine on your back allows gravity to not cause further imbalances and instead supports good form.  Using spring tension forces work to be done within each individuals challenge point.  Having an instructor there to assist and remind clients to maintain good form promotes proper functionality.  Pilates leaves people feeling stronger, more mobile, and more balanced overall helping the body recover from time off in a safe environment.
Pilates concentrates on challenging individuals with the concept of continuity versus intensity.  

By no means does that elude to an easy workout!  Allowing each person to challenge themselves according to their limits and strengths each day within each individual exercise on a consistent schedule is much more beneficial for recovery, successful results, and overall health.  Many people jump into new workouts that are high intensity forcing themselves to push beyond their limits.  This encourages bad form leading to injuries.  It also makes many people lack continuity with their workouts. If you need days to recover from beating yourself up, how does that build continuous strength?

Being able to accomplish each motion, each exercise, and everyday tasks with little to no effort is the most optimal approach to healthy living and recovery.  Correctly warming up the spine and joints, challenging balance and stability, working in a way that protects from further injuries, going at your own pace, and creating continuity within your workouts versus intensity support an ideal recovery process along with a happier and healthier body!


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