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Today, I am very excited to introduce you to local mom, Tessa Stuckey. This mama became known to me when her upcoming community event (For the Sake of Our Youth, Parenting in a Tech Obsessed World) was shared with me. That topic hit home as I was dealing with those struggles that very day with my 8 year old daughter, so I immediately went and followed Tessa’s Instagram. Tessa is a local mom to 4 kids, a therapist at Woodlands Family Institute (specializing in adolescents), an author of For the Sake of Our Youth: A Therapist’s Perspective in Raising Your Family in Today’s Culture, and a speaker. She covers many topics, but for me, the topic on screens and phones for kids is so important today. We are having to navigate parenting with screens like no other generation before. It’s hard to know how much screen time, when it is appropriate, and how to limit, restrict or monitor them. But Tessa has spent quite some time understanding this area of parenting and loves talking/helping families navigate through it! Her social media and website is full of knowledge and insights for us as parents, and she is the speaker in Conroe ISD on April 13th at 6:30pm at McCullough Jr. High (free for anyone to attend) where she will be talking about parenting with tech, cultural influences impacting out children, and more.

Check out Tessa’s Meet a Mom interview below as she touches on these topics and her advice, shares about her work as a therapist and about her book, and of course local #momlife.


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the North Houston area?

I am actually from right here! I grew up in The Woodlands, left for a few years to the Austin area for college and then came back with my husband in 2011.


How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?

I have four boys: 10, 8, and 7 year old twins



What are your favorite local things to do? (with kiddos or just for mom!)

I love going out to eat to places that have great outdoor atmosphere. I love catching good market days, meeting up with friends for coffee, and shopping around a little on a pretty day at market street. Anything that involves good friends, good food (maybe wine!) and my kids is a good time in my book


As hard as it is to find the time, what’s something you do just for yourself?

I wake up early to have my coffee in peace and quiet while I journal or read. I didn’t always do this and have really found how helpful it is for me starting my day out like this. I also enjoy spending time with friends or spending time with my husband.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

Oh gosh, I don’t know! I can sing almost any song as if I am a Disney princess!


What’s the best mom advice you have ever been given (or your own advice to mamas out there)?

Best given to me: Don’t sweat the small stuff, find balance in boundaries, don’t be scared to ask for help.
Advice to other moms: Find purpose outside of your role as mom to balance yourself. Also park as close to the cart return area!


Tell us about your therapy work! What is your area of specialty? And what was the inspiration be-hind becoming a therapist and choosing your niche?

I have always loved taking interest in people, so it was only natural for me to seek a profession that does just that. Both of my parents are also psychologists so it was kind of a given! My drive to become a therapist was to help adolescents through those awkward hormonal years—and that’s pretty much what I spend most of my days doing! I like to work with families and help them achieve healthier lifestyles together. A lot of my work has fallen into the dark area of suicide/self harm as it has become much more common amongst teens so I like to help families understand today’s cultural effects on our kids’ mental health.


Do you have your own practice? In what areas do you hope to help your clients?

I work at a private practice in The Woodlands with about 12 other therapists, Woodlands Family Institute. I love helping individuals find practical ways to cope, understand their emotions, live a more balanced lifestyle and build strong connection with family and friends.


You also wrote a book! Tell us about the book and the inspiration behind it?

Yes! My book, For the Sake of Our Youth: A Therapist’s Perspective in Raising Your Family in Today’s Culture is basically a modern-day guide for parents. Parenting in today’s world has gotten so overwhelming and extremely hard to navigate. My book is based on the 6 cultural influences contributing to the decline in our children’s mental health and exactly what parents can do to build strong, resilient, independent and emotionally balanced individuals.



What do you think are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to raising kids right now?

Screens, screens, screens! It’s a new time and we are having to navigate parenting with screens like no other generation before. It’s hard to know how much screen time, when it is appropriate, and how to limit, restrict or monitor them! But I’ve spent quite some time understanding this area of parenting and love talking/helping families navigate through it!


Other than your therapy practice and your book, how else are you trying to reach the parenting community?

I love getting in front of parents as much as possible! I’ve been asked to speak at engagements through churches, schools and even private parties. I also love being a guest on podcasts and platforms such as yours! Parents can visit my website, follow me on social: @TheMomTherapist (Instagram) Tessa Stuckey LPC (facebook)


What has been the most rewarding thing about your work?

Saving lives! Hands down!! Also, when a client, really has a wonderfully big breakthrough and is ready to make changes (sometimes it takes a bit to get to this point) it is so beautiful and powerful to be a part of.


How does being a parent yourself impact your work with other kids and their parents?

I love helping my younger clients and their parents communicate better. I act as the interpreter sometimes and can mediate situations so both parties are clear and understand the other side. I love acting as that messenger when things get misconstrued. Understanding that parents’ intentions are good but mixed with so much fear, it can come out wrong. And on the other side with teens/kids who are trying to find themselves and their independence.


How do you balance owning your own business and being Mama?

I’m not going to lie, I’m still trying to figure this one out. Some days I feel I have it nice and bal-anced and other days I feel like I’m the ringmaster of a 3-ringed-circus! But I do try to practice what I call Emotional Hygiene as often as possible. It keeps me centered and balanced and so when things get off, it isn’t as drastic and usually stays manageable!


What are your future plans and dreams for your work?

I want to write another book! I want to speak more! And I want to help families all over to find that balance and peace within.


To learn more about Tessa & follow along:


Instagram: @themomtherapist

Facebook: @tessastuckeylpc


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