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If you follow us on Instagram (if you don’t, you should!), you may know that we’ve started taking Pilates classes at Club Pilates Alden Bridge. Today on the blog, we are meeting Erin Hayes, General Manager of Club Pilates Alden Bridge.
Enjoy getting to know more about her, the studio and don’t miss that special North Houston Moms offer! 

Hi Erin! We’re so happy to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and some of your favorite local things to do?

Hi there! I’m originally from Madison, NJ and moved to The Woodlands with my family when I was about ten years old. I’ve been here most of my life! I have one sports-loving, outgoing and intelligent 11-year-old son. When I’m not watching him play basketball, I’m taking pilates classes at Club Pilates (obviously!), out enjoying the water at Rob Fleming Aquatic Center, going to festivals put on by The Woodlands Township, grabbing coffee at Scooter’s or a bagel at The Brooklyn Cafe! I love this area so much, there are so many activities and fun things to do with friends or family.

Our mission is to Give Moms the Gift of Time – what are your best time-saving tips/resources as a mom?

Use curbside for your groceries and establish a morning routine! I started adding curbside pickup to my morning routine after dropping off my son at school in the mornings and will never go back! Take out the stress where you can and enjoy spending more time with your family. My biggest tip for creating a morning routine is to make it realistic. Set something that is achievable and it will help you maintain consistency!

Okay, we love the curbside after drop off idea – totally doing that. Alright, let’s chat pilates!

Club Pilates is a boutique pilates studio that offers low-impact, full body workouts with a variety of classes that challenge your body, as well as your mind!

Full body workout – you aren’t kidding with that! How long has this location been open?

Club Pilates Alden Bridge opened in May of 2022, so we just celebrated our one year anniversary! However, Club Pilates has been in the North Houston area for over 7 years.

What makes Club Pilates unique?

Club Pilates is the largest Pilates brand in the world. We offer classes 7 days a week throughout the day, with most studio offering early morning and evening classes. Club Pilates offers 9 different class styles in four difficulty levels (this varies by club). Club Pilates certified instructors have done over 500 hours of comprehensive training. To put this in perspective, some places only ask for a 3 day certification! But the biggest thing that sets us apart is our people, Club Pilates staff and our members are passionate about pilates and investing in their mental and physical health!

Since you are an almost-lifer of the North Houston area, spill the tea – favorite restaurants?

I’d have to say my top there are The Republic Grille, Uni Sushi and The Cheesecake Factory (I’m a sucker for cheesecake – ha!)

We are with you on the cheesecake!! Something interesting others may not know about you?

I’ve lived in 6 different states so far and look forward to traveling more in the future! I was born in New Jersey, moved to Texas, went to college in Michigan, interned in Illinois, then moved to New York and Hawaii while my husband was in the Army! I call The Woodlands home as it’s where I’ve spent the most time throughout my life. We’re raising our son here and I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else.

And finally, any promotions or events you’d like to share with our community?

I’d love to welcome the North Houston Moms community into our Alden Bridge studio with a $0 enrollment offer (a $99 savings). We also host various free Mat Pilates classes throughout the community. We post all these events on Instagram and Facebook and would love to see you there!

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