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Meet Amelie! She is a local mom of one little girl and the owner of Grasping Gross Motor, a pediatric physical therapy and developmental wellness center. Amelie shares with us her favorite things to do around town, some of the biggest challenges she is currently facing, and her hopes and dreams for the next 5 years!

Hi Amelie, can you tell us about yourself? Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the North Houston area? 

I’m originally from Lafayette, LA. I moved to Charleston, SC and then made my way to Houston about 6 years ago once I finished graduate school.


And you have a daughter, correct?

Yes! We welcomed our first child, Chloe, last October.


What is your business? 

I own Grasping Gross Motor, a pediatric physical therapy and developmental wellness center (think well child checks but for gross motor skills). I am in the process of training in pediatric pelvic floor therapy, so we will soon be offering services for constipation, bed wetting, etc. as well!

Can you tell us the reason and passion behind Grasping Gross Motor?

I learned very quickly after having my daughter, that there isn’t much (no) support and education provided to parents about developmental milestones and what the first few years actually looks like. You may see snippets on social media but there’s no one giving you personalized recommendations and education based off of YOUR child and what fits your lifestyle.

Coupled with years of working in a, let’s be honest, pretty broken medical system, I knew I wanted to make a change.

Because I function as a private practice, I can skip the red tape that comes with insurance and the long waitlist that most clinics have. I get to completely customize treatments and plans of care without answering to insurance or a medical system.

How long have you been in business?

I officially opened in January of this year! Maternity leave seemed like a great time to start my own business…


Uniqueness that sets you apart?

My goal with opening this business was not only to provide skilled intervention with realistic recommendations and education but to also create a space for every parent. If your baby doesn’t need skilled PT, that’s great! I’m still here if you want education and hands on ideas of how to play to encourage proper development and how to spot red flags before they become major issues.

We’re slowly (in some cases, very slowly) moving toward a wellness culture, and I believe that should include our little ones, as well. If we can support babies when they’re first learning new skills by teaching proper mechanics and movement patterns, we can set them up for success in the long run. Not every diagnosis related to gross motor is preventable, but most will be far less of an issue if things are addressed as soon as you even *think* you see a red flag.

What are some of your biggest challenges you are currently facing within your business?

Balancing a new business, a new baby, and essentially learning a new version of myself has been quite the lesson in patience and grace. I have so many ideas for my business but also feel the pull to spend as much time as possible with my daughter. It’s a constant balancing act!


Do you have any promotions or events that you want to share with our community?

I’m so grateful to be a part of this community and for the warm welcome I’ve received! We’re offering 15% off all services, if you mention the blog.


Where do you hope to see your business in the next 5 years?

I want to continue to expand my services in the area both with patient care and more community education. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard “I just wish I would have known.” So my goal is to be that person to help provide more education and support for new parents and babies.

Follow Grasping Gross Motor on Instagram! Check out Amelie’s website here!

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