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I know I’m not alone when I think, “Why did no one tell me how difficult finding a great babysitter would be?”


When my children were young, my husband and I decided to move to Austin, Texas for his job. We left all our family and friends behind along with the few people we trusted to watch our children.


Once we got to Texas, I followed the usual route of trying to find a sitter by posting in Facebook groups, asking neighbors for references, and searching through babysitting apps. It was a whole lot of time for a whole lot of nothing.


I made sure to have a system for finding that rare gem of a sitter. It involved

  • A face to face interview where I got to know about their childcare experience
  • Asking them to see the CPR Certification
  • Doing a background check if I thought they could be a fit after their interview.
  • Depending on my kids to give me feedback on if they wanted her/him to return.


And you know what I found? It was pretty much a full time job to do all of this. 


Finding a time to schedule an interview could take days since we would play phone tag. Then – and this is wild to me – most of them wouldn’t even show up to the interview! On top of that, many claimed to be CPR certified but couldn’t produce their card when I asked. And don’t even get me started on how much it costs to run background checks…


Finding a babysitter you can trust is HARD. It takes a long time to find someone reliable and there’s no guarantee that sitter will be available when you need them. Which means you have to have multiple sitters you can turn to…. It’s overwhelming.


I was frustrated with the process so I decided to do something about it. 


I was ready to get back to working outside of the home again and I knew I wanted to be my own boss while also helping moms. Tackling this problem seemed like the perfect opportunity to do both.

I imagined what I would want in a babysitter agency, and I created just that with Babysitting Connection.


I started an agency that genuinely cares about the quality and reliability of its sitters and allows members to easily book vetted babysitters online. I was conscious of creating a place where high quality sitters would want to work, where they felt supported and cared for, and where they could keep all their income without a corporate app taking a cut.


We are not an app; We are a premium online service designed to make our members’ lives easier. No more sorting through Facebook pages, checking your DM’s, negotiating rates, or trying to figure out schedules and references. We take care of all of that for you.  


All our sitters are vetted and verified by our team. They have background checks, CPR certifications, previous childcare experience, and are someone that the moms on our team have interviewed and would be comfortable entrusting their children with.


Babysitting Connection is run by REAL women who are here to help you through every step of the way. It is HARD to leave your children with someone other than family – we get it. That’s why we make sure to only bring the best onto our team and provide excellent customer service.

How Babysitting Connection Works


Booking a sitter has never been easier! Once you become a member and complete your profile you can begin sending through sit requests. Select the day you need care and if you see an available sitter you love, send a request to them. If no one shows available, add yourself to our waitlist and we will work to get you an amazing sitter who meets your family’s criteria.


Meet Some of Our Sitters


Estephanie S.

Aside from being the default family babysitter for my siblings and cousins, I have also worked in various school and church events taking care of children and facilitating activities from church camps to summer camps. I am comfortable with all ages! Some of my favorite activities are going to the park, going for a walk, art projects and reading. I especially love holding and feeding infants 🙂 A little bit about myself is that I love to go hiking with my dog and I enjoy gardening. I come from a large family and understand how important it is to be able to have someone you trust looking after the ones you love.


Cecily W.

I moved here about a year ago from Dallas with my cat Marshall. I’m currently a senior at Texas State University studying Digital Media Innovation. In Dallas, I worked as a science camp teacher for three years and I did casual babysitting on the side for two years. I love doing activities such as science experiments and arts and crafts with kids while at sits! I’m always working on some sort of project at home in my free time or reading.


Delilah S.


My first experience in childcare was watching younger children between the ages of 1-5 at church while their parents attended service. Ever since then I have enjoyed helping younger children and teaching them. I took Ready, Set, Teach for two years in high school where I worked with children of different age groups and different needs. I am now at Texas state university, am a certified phlebotomist technician and a registered dental assistant. My favorite activities at sits are arts and crafts, making cookies and playing outside.


Member Review


“Babysitting Connection is an amazing resource for families! We relied on BC when we moved here and knew few people. Our two girls quickly warmed up to every sitter we had. We appreciate all the vetting Beth does to ensure she has the best sitters. The process of booking, choosing a sitter, and payment is so seamless. Babysitting Connection is definitely a subscription worth keeping in your back pocket!” – Mindy Farmer


Consistent Care


We also offer a Consistent Care program for families who need the same sitter(s) each week on a short term basis. If you need 20+ hours of childcare Monday through Friday, we’ve got you!


There is no additional fee to join this program, you just need to be a member with us while we conduct the search.


And the best part? You can still schedule a babysitter outside of your consistent care hours if you need additional coverage.

Beth Heyer is the founder and owner of Babysitting Connection, a babysitting agency in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Contact them today to get started!

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