14 Reasons Why I Love You! (Hearts on Doors) | North Houston Moms

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” — Mother Teresa⁠

Starting February 1st, put a heart with uplifting words written on it on your child’s door each day until Valentine’s Day ❤️ ⁣⁠Remind them WHY you love them so much! It’s a tradition in our family that I will hold on to for as long as I can.

At a loss for what to say? Here are some examples of what you can write!



Original content idea from our sister site: @capitaldistrictmoms
  1. You are brave
  2. You are kind
  3. You have a caring heart
  4. You are a problem-solver
  5. You make mistakes, and you learn from them
  6. You are a positive leader
  7. You are helpful
  8. You are important
  9. You do great things
  10. You don’t give up when things are hard
  11. You are strong
  12. You have good ideas
  13. You love your (sister/brother/mom/dad/family)
  14. You are good at (cooking/drawing/building/coloring/creating)
  15. You are amazing
  16. You are a good listener
  17. You are smart
  18. You are playful
  19. You are fun
  20. You are unique
  21. You are special
  22. You are creative
  23. You are joyful
  24. You are a good friend to others
  25. You stand up for what is right
  26. You have many talents
  27. You are patient
  28. You are valuable
  29. You are honest
  30. You are a blessing
  31. You make us laugh
  32. You love (dogs/cats/bugs/animals), and I love that about you!
  33. You are a believer
  34. You are worthy of love
  35. You are capable
  36. You have a good character
  37. You are imaginative
  38. You always try your best
  39. You work hard to achieve your goals
  40. You are loving



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